It lies north of the island of Manhattan, between 96 Street (south), 155 (north), the Hudson River (west) and the East River (east). Its main streets are the 6 th Avenue (Lenox) and the streets 116 and 125. Apollo Theater: Located on 125 th Street. It is a symbol of black music where noted jazz. Passed by artists such as Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, etc.. The first occupation of these lands occurred in the mid seventeenth century the Dutch, who named it New Haarlem (named after the Dutch city of Haarlem). The British to take control of the city (6 years later) renamed Harlem, occupying the lands to establish their country houses families of high society. In 1898 Spain lost Puerto Rico and it is delivered to the United States through the Treaty of Paris. Puerto Rico citizens then began to move to the U.S. and chose the Harlem area and settled in what is known as Spanish Harlem. The market Marqueta is more representative of the area (where you can find a wide variety of food products and textiles). Created in 1936, is between 110 Street and 116 Park Avenue. African-American community was initially installed in West Harlem in the early twentieth century, attracted by low prices in the area. Harlem then began to be recognized as the home of African American musicians and intellectuals from around the United States. As part of the street 130 is located several houses with stairs and railings with which you identify the neighborhood (they were former summer residence of the upper classes before being abandoned).
102 Brownstone Boutique and Hotel 102 W 118th Street HOTEL
5 & Diamond 2072 Frederick Douglass Blvd RESTAURANT
Acapulco Caliente 3508 Broadway RESTAURANT
Amy Ruth's 113 W 116th St RESTAURANT
Apollo Theater 253 W 125 St THEATER
Arts Horizons 2785 Frederick Douglass Blvd ART
Bad Horse Pizza 2224 Frederick Douglass Blvd. RESTAURANT
Barbara's Flowers 2522 Frederick Douglass B FLORIST
Bea's Royal Salon & Spa 2305 Adam Clayton Powell SPA
Best Yet Supermarket 2187 Frederick Douglass Blvd MARKET
Bibi Salon 2220 Frederick Douglass Blvd SALON
Bill's Place 148 W 133rd St NIGHTLIFE
Covo Trattoria 701 W 135 St RESTAURANT
Duane Reade 568 W 125 St DRUGSTORE
Fairway Market 2328 12th Avenue MARKET
Grandma's Place 84 West 120th TOYS
Halstead 175 Lenox Ave REAL ESTATE
Hispanic Society of America 613 W 155th St MUSEUM
Il Caffe Latte 189 Malcolm X Blvd RESTAURANT
International Cozy Inn 248 Lenox Ave HOTEL
Kissed by the Sun 2309 Adam Clayton Powell SALON
La Perle Noire Cafe 420 Lenox Ave COFFEE
Lido 2168 Frederick Douglass Blvd RESTAURANT
Little Africa 2061 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd GIFT
Lolita's Restaurant 57 Lenox Ave RESTAURANT
Lucille Roberts Health Club 505 W 125th St FITNESS
Madame Alexander Doll Company 615 W 131st St - 6th fl TOYS
Make My Cake 2380 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd CAKE
Marshalls 105 West 125th Street FASHION
Modells 300 West 125th Street SPORTING GOODS
MODSquad Cycles 2119 Frederick Douglass Blvd BIKES
New York Sports Club 2311 Frederick Douglass Blvd FITNESS
Patisserie Des Ambassades 2200 8th Ave RESTAURANT
Pisticci 125 La Salle St RESTAURANT
Planet Fitness 317 Lenox Ave FITNESS
Rapid Realty Harlem 172 W 130th St REAL ESTATE
Ristorante Settepani 196 Lenox Ave RESTAURANT
Seasoned Vegan 283 W 118th St RESTAURANT
Shrine 2271 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd NIGHTLIFE
St. Nick's Pub 773 St Nicholas Ave NIGHTLIFE
State Farm Insurance - Kirsten Palacios Agency 3657 Broadway INSURANCE
Taza de Café 450 W 155th St COFFEE
The Harlem Flop House 123rd St in Harlem HOTEL
Tonalli Cafe & Bar 3628 Broadway RESTAURANT
Tonnie's Minis 264 Lenox Ave CUPCAKE
Trattoria Amici 381 Lenox Ave RESTAURANT
Uptown Juice Bar 54 W 125th St VEGETARIAN FOOD
Uptown PetCare NYC 1890 7th Avenue DOG WALKERS
Uptown Veterinary Associates 295 W 112th St VETERINARY